About Us

Who We Are

Fun Pharra Facts

Pharra Wellness is one of the most diverse and progressive companies of its kind in the world.  The parent company, Pharra LLC was formed in 2009 as a full-scale wellness company and has grown and diversified to include Pharra Beauty, Pharra Black Seed, Pharra Supplements, and the ever-popular Pharra CBD

Our Strengths

Our strength is our ability to scale changes in the wellness industry to deliver practical products where it matters most. We take a three-pronged approach to facilitate product development: practical, world-class teachings about the industry, and nationwide opportunities for you to build a company within our company.

The Process

In 2009, we started the process of looking for a product that could help people and make money.    Pharra is not only a wellness company but a beauty company and has expanded to the ever-popular CBD industry.  Pharra CBD is one of the leading CBD product companies in the world and will continue to lead the way in this massive industry.  Black Seed Oil had been around for hundreds of years and in many cultures, they swear by its healing potential.